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Bat Exclusion Checklist

Tim McDowell    301-748-8372   AB & BE

YES, We Can Help Now, this is how:

  1. Set up containment area for bats, this allows them to raise babies.
  2. Protect insulation, add plastic so bats don’t do anymore damage.
  3. Pre seal house, seal all areas that bats aren’t using.
  4. Assist you in retrieving early exclusion permit.

Also we can Decontaminate your house along with bat proofing.

Lets Make It Simple, you can attach pictures of your bat project below in the contact form and we can give you a price, if this price is reasonable we can visit your house or building and give you a written proposal. You can even send in pictures for competitive pricing.

Make sure you send attach pictures of all sides of the building and an extra pic of any problem areas.

You can  also TEXT pictures to 301-748-8372, remember to leave any contact info

money back guarantee

Estimates Should Be Free

Why Pay for an estimate / inspection? You Know You Have Bats!

Pay only if the cost will be deducted from the cost of the job, and this is a plot to lock you into them.  Are you going to pay 3 companys to estimate the job with a loss of paying for 2 other companys?  Google until you find companys that have free estimates, they are local, and service your areas. Pay estimates farm your bat jobs to local companys anyway.

ASK your Estimater where he or she lives. you are gonna give him or her a large amount of money arent you?


Ask If They Use It,

If Your Bat exclusion professional uses foam on the exterior, expect to have bats back within 5-6 years.  Foam breaks down due to UV rays from the sun.  Squirrels dig it out. Birds Peck It OUT. If they use foam, you have bats again, at a later Date


Ask About Warranty

A 1 year warranty is junk. Bats leave for warmer climates for the year, like retired people. Upon return the try to re-enter your building, if you don’t notice their return, your warranty may be up.  5 Year warranty is a must, unless you like paying for it first.

Methods of removal

Servicing From West to East Chantilly VA To Ocean City MD

North To South Emmitsburg MD to La Plata MD

Ask Them How They Do Bat Removal

Only exclusion methods work

This means sealing the entire exterior, except where bats enter and exit, allowing 1-2 weeks for all bats to exit, then sealing the areas that the bats were vented out from.

waiting intill dark, then sealing them out doesn’t work, it just leaves bats who didn’t leave in time or who have returned, trapped in.

You cant poison or fog bats out. this is BS.

Types of companys

Pest control companys are a big no no.

These companys will send out personel who might have only been on the job for 2 weeks. Of course, their warranty will show you why not to use them

Animal Companys Are the preferred people for bat removal.  Animal Companys usually have more exterior sealing experience than bug companys. You wouldn’t have a plummer finish tour kitchen tile would you?

Get 3 Proposals

When you talk to 3 different people you will know who is right for your project, a good bat exclusion professional will give you the names of his competitors. IF They arent hiding anything.